A Neighborhood Restaurant in Yaba Lagos

Our client is an outdoor catering company popular for its packaged tasty African food prepared to customer’s specification.

1) Reinvented the company’s existing business model and expanded operations to include a restaurant that serves as point of first contact for new customers and operations centre for the already existing outdoor catering service.
2) Redesigned and developed the company’s business operations processes that improved customer satisfaction ratings, employees’ satisfaction and increased productivity.
3) Grew the company’s annual sales value by over 200% within six(6) months

A Startup Fashion Company in Abuja

Our client is an Abuja based startup wardrobe management company that offers personalized fashion styling to working class professionals.

1) Provided startup consulting assistance covering business model development, entry strategy articulation, product development and planning of marketing communication.
2) Developed and supervised company’s business development efforts that grew customer base by over 3000% in the company’s first 9 months.

An Entertainment Company in Lagos

Our Client is a leading music production and record label company founded and led by super A-List music producer.

1) Extended the product line of the company beyond music beats and mixing to include producing music contents for adverts and movies
2) Provided end-to-end startup consulting for the setup and launch of a major record label
3) Designed and implemented strategic marketing projects