Engaging the professional services of Aibiz Solutions is straightforward. We understand that customers want options, so we offer flexible options.

Some clients engage us to work short-term on pin-point areas such as conduct market research; develop business plans, marketing plans, operation plan; recruit and train staff.

Others retain our services on a project based approach to work for a defined period. This engagement model typically involves implementing a number of related initiatives leading to the attainment of a strategic objective such as Grow Sales, Reduce Cost and Improve Workforce Productivity.

The most appropriate engagement model is determined by the nature of the assignment, client’s budget and schedule.

Given the extensive man-hours and professional exertions which the achievement of client’s objective will undoubtedly entail, we charge commercial rates. Our fee structure reflects the following key considerations: –

  1. The novelty and complexities involved in the project;
  2. The incalculable value of our specialized knowledge and skill;
  3. The prevailing practice in the industry and fees charged by other firms for similar work;
  4. The amount of time expended on the project and quality of personnel involved;